Blues scale

The blues scale may be the most common scale used in rock and blues. It is also often the first scale a new born guitar player practice on the guitar.

The blues scale consists of six tones wich has the intervals: 1, b3, 4, b5, 5 och b7.

Comparition of the tones in the major scale and the blues scale:

  • A-major scale: a b c-sharp d e f-sharp g-sharp
  • A-blues scale: a c d e-flat e g

Blue notes

The following intervals of the blues scale is sometimes called blue notes:

  • Minor third (b3)
  • Diminished fith (b5)
  • Minor seventh (b7)

One could also say that the blue note is somewhere between a minor and a major third. This tone can be achieved by bending the guitar string from a minor third and up. The same applies to the diminished fifth and the minor seventh.