Chord symbols

The table shows an overview of chord names, chord symbols and intervals.

maj, ΔC1, 3, 5Major
moll, m, -, miAmoll, Am, A-, Ami1, b3, 5Minor
+, augC+1, 3, #5
º, dimDº, Ddim1, b3, b5Diminished
G71, 3, 5, b7Dominant seventh
Δ, maj7CΔ, Cmaj71, 3, 5, 7Major seventh
moll7, m7Am71, b3, 5, b7Minor seventh
ø, m7-5, m7b5Cø, Cm7-5, Cm7b51, b3, b5, b7Minor seventh
flat five
º7, dim7Dº7, Ddim71, b3, b5, bb7
Diminished seventh (*)
6C61, 3, 5, 6Sixth
susDsus41, 4, 5Suspended
1, 3, b7No
addCadd91, 3, 5, 9Add
9C91, 3, 5, b7, 9Ninth, 9th
/C/GThe C chord
with alternate bass
Alternate bass

(*) dim usually refers to dim7 although the 7 isn’t specified.
(**) The fifth is removed from the chord.