How to play Red House by Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was an amazing blues guitarist and singer and the slow blues Red house was his masterpiece.

Here you’ll find the guitar chords to Red House and learn how to play the rhythm guitar.

Eventually there will also be lessons in how to play the intro, stick and solo to the wonderful blues song Red House.

Here’s a simple version of Red House…

Eric Clapton From the Cradle

Eric Claptons blues album From the Cradle from 1994 is one of my favorite blues records.

The selected blues songs on the album covers a variety of blues styles.

If you can play the blues in the style of Third Degree, Reconsider Baby and I’m Tore Down then you’re definitely on your way as a blues guitarist.

Have You Ever Loved A Woman

Freddie King visited Stockholm in Sweden 1973. This video shows him at a performance at Skansen where he played the blues song Have you ever loved a woman written by Billy Myles.

Look how he uses the guitar strap! Not behind his neck, but over the right shoulder.

His suit and shirt is something to envy, but this video is really about Freddies voice, his guitar playing and his charisma on stage.