Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson was an American blues singer, guitarist and song writer.

  • Robert Leroy Johnson was born in 1911. He died in 1938 at the age of 27.
  • Robert Johnson played in different (open) tunings.
  • The book “Robert Johnson The New Transcriptions” states: “Johnson relied extensively on barres with his index or middle fingers, as opposed to wrapping his thumb over the edge of the neck like so many other country blues guitarists.”
  • Eric Clapton has called Johnson “the most important blues singer that ever lived.”
  • Clapton has released two albums with Robert Johnson songs: Me and Mr. Johnson (2004) and Sessions for Robert J (2004).
  • The recordings of Robert Johnson and his blues songs were made in 1936-37.
  • Johnson had little public recognition in his lifetime.
  • According to the myth, Johnson sold his soul to the devil at a crossroad and and thereby received his guitar playing and singing skills.

Blues songs

Robert Johnson recorded 29 blues songs (some in several takes). Here is a list of the songs presented in the order in wich they were recorded.

Words and music to all the songs by Robert Johnson.

  1. Kind Hearted Women
  2. I Belive I’ll Dust My Broom
  3. Sweet Home Chicago
  4. Ramblin’ on My Mind
  5. When You Got a Good Friend
  6. Comee on in My Kitchen
  7. Terrapplane Blues
  8. Phonograph Blues
  9. 32-20 Blues
  10. They’re Red Hot
  11. Dead Shrimp Blues
  12. Cross Road Blues (Crossroads)
  13. Walkin’ Blues
  14. Last Fair Deal Gone down
  15. Preachin’ Blues (Up Jumped the Devil)
  16. If I Had Possession over Judgment Day
  17. Stones in My Passway
  18. I’m a Steady Rollin’ Man (Steady Rollin’ Man)
  19. From Four Until Late
  20. Hell Hound on My Trail
  21. Little Queen of Spades
  22. Malted Milk
  23. Drunken Hearted Man
  24. Me and the devil Blues
  25. Stop Breakin’ Down Blues
  26. Traveling Riverside Blues
  27. Honeymoon Blues
  28. Love in Vain Blues
  29. Milkcow’s Calf Blues