Freddie King

Freddie King – an american blues guitarist and blues artist.

Lyrics, guitar chords and tabs to the songs on the blues albums made by Freddie King.

  • Freddie King was an American blues guitarist, singer and songwriter.
  • Freddie used a plastic thumb pick and a metal finger pick on his index finger to achieve his sound. He learned this playing style from Jimmy Rogers.
  • One of the blues songs Freddie King is best known for is Have You Ever Loved A Woman written by Billy Myles
  • In the early yers Freddie played a gold top Gibson Les Paul with P-90 pickups using a Gibson GA-40 amplifier. Later he moved on to play Gibson ES-345 guitars.
  • Freddie carried the guitar with the strap over his right shoulder and not behind the neck which is most common.
  • Freddie King was born as Frederick Christian King on September 3, 1934 and past away on December 28, 1976.
  • Freddie got the nickname The Texas Cannonball.
  • Freddie King was the youngest one of The Three Kings of electric blues guitar. The other two kings being Albert King and B.B. King.

Have You Ever Loved a Woman with Freddie King at Skansen in Stockholm 1973.

Blues Albums

Blues albums by Freddie King.

Compilation albums

A selection of compilation albums by Freddie King.

  1. The best of Freddie King: The Shelter Years.

Studio Albums

Studio albums by the blues guitarist and singer Freddie King.

  1. Freddy King Sings (1961)
  2. Let’s Hide Away and Dance Away with Freddy King (1961)
  3. Two Boys and a Girl Freddy King, Lulu Reed & Sonny Thompson (1962)
  4. Bossa Nova and the Blues (1963)
  5. Freddy King Goes Surfin (1963)
  6. Bonanza of Instrumentals (1965)
  7. Freddie King Sings Again (1965)
  8. Freddie King Is A Blues Master (1969)
  9. My Feeling For The Blues (1970)
  10. Getting Ready (1971)
  11. The Texas Cannonball (1972)
  12. Woman Across The River (1973)
  13. Burglar (1974)
  14. Freddie King Larger than Life (1975)