Albert King

Albert King – an american blues guitarist and blues artist.

Lyrics, guitar chords and tabs to the songs on the blues albums made by Albert King.

  • Albert King was an American blues guitarist, singer and songwriter.
  • The guitar Albert Kig is associated with is a 1958 Gibson Flying V. King was left-handed, but usually played right-handed guitars.
  • King didn’t change the strings so therefore he played the guitar with thickest string at the bottom and the thinnest at the top. He tuned the guitar in a dropped minor tuning.
  • Albert was born as Albert King Nelson on April 25, 1923 on a cotton plantation in Indianola, Mississippi. He past away on December 21, 1992.
  • Albert King was one of The Three Kings of electric blues guitar. The other two kings being Freddie King and B.B. King.
  • Is known to have said about Jimi Hendrix: “I could’ve easily played his songs, but he couldn’t play mine.”

Blues Albums

Blues albums by Albert King.

Studio Albums

Studio albums by the blues guitarist and singer Albert King.

  1. The Big Blues (1962)
  2. Born Under a Bad Sign (1967)
  3. Years Gone By (1969)
  4. Blues for Elvis – King Does the King’s Things (1970)
  5. Lovejoy (1971)
  6. The Lost Session (1971, released in 1986)
  7. I’ll Play the Blues for You (1972)
  8. I Wanna Get Funky (1974)
  9. Albert (1976)
  10. Truckload of Lovin’ (1976)
  11. King Albert (1977)
  12. The Pinch aka The Blues Don’t Change (1977)
  13. New Orleans Heat (1978)
  14. Crosscut Saw: Albert King in San Francisco (1983)
  15. I’m in a Phone Booth Baby (1984)
  16. Red House (1992)

Live Albums

Live albums by the blues guitarist and singer Albert King.

  1. Live Wire/Blues Power (1968)
  2. Live (1977)
  3. Blues at Sunrise (1988)
  4. Wednesday Night in San Francisco (1990)
  5. Thursday Night in San Francisco (1990)